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  • Quady Essensia Orange Muscat

    Quady Essensia Orange Muscat 2020

    Wine Tasting NotesFrom 100% Orange Muscat with an aroma reminiscent of Orange Blossom and Apricot, and a lingering refreshing aftertaste, Essensia is used as a dessert accompaniment or a dessert in itself. The Orange Muscat grape variety is little known...

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  • Quady Elysium California Black Muscat

    Quady Elysium California Black Muscat 2021

    Wine Tasting NotesQuady Elysium California Black Muscat is a lightly fortified, aromatic dessert wine made by the sweet wine experts at Quady Winery. Elysium's rose-like aroma precedes cherry, strawberry, and litchi fruit flavors. The rich fruit...

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  • Allegro California Moscato

    Allegro California Moscato

    Wine Tasting NotesAllegro California Moscato is a sweet and refreshing wine with intense floral and fruit aromas reminiscent of orange blossoms, apricots and peaches. The acidity in the wine balances out the sugar, making the finish crisp and clean but...

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